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Do I Even Need a Will or a Trust?
As the years fly by faster and faster, most of us start thinking about what will become of our financial and physical assets when we die. Surprisingly few of us actually do anything about it, however. We may think that we don’t have enough “money and stuff” to make an estate plan worthwhile. We ... READ MORE

Do Life Insurance Proceeds Go Through Probate?
Insurance companies pay out life insurance policies directly to the named beneficiaries--usually without the need for probate. ... READ MORE

Penalty-free Early IRA Withdrawals
Traditional individual retirement accounts are a good way to save for retirement. When times get tough, however, and you need some extra cash, it can be tempting to withdraw some of this money before the minimum age of 59.5. This is almost always a bad idea, unless you are up against a wall and have ... READ MORE

When You Want to Provide for Your Children
When you have minor children, your should always name a guardian of their persons and property. Naming alternates who could be a guardian if your first choice is unavailable or unwilling is a good idea, too. You should name this person or persons in your will. A guardian would only take over if both ... READ MORE

Protecting Your Assets
Asset protection planning is the method of preparing for the possibility of future lawsuits by rearranging the ownership of assets so that they are beyond the reach of potential creditors. It can act as a form of supplementary insurance in an overall strategy to protect you from the risks associated ... READ MORE

Offshore Trusts
A "trust" is a legal entity or creature that is created when the person making the trust (the "settlor" or "grantor"), transfers ownership of certain property or assets to a "trustee." The trustee, in turn, is responsible for using the property or investing it for the benefit of a third party (the "beneficiary"), ... READ MORE

Trusts & Estates: Preparing to Meet with a Lawyer
It can be a big waste of time for both you and the lawyer if you aren't prepared for your first meeting. Being unprepared may also end up costing you money, because it will take longer for the lawyer you hire to get up to speed on your legal matter. First of all, the lawyer will want to know who you ... READ MORE

Trusts & Estates: Meeting with a Lawyer
Treat your first meeting as a business consultation. Dress well and be prompt. Be polite and courteous. You will want to impress the lawyer, just as he or she will be trying to impress you. Give a lawyer the chance to get to know you. Don't feel compelled right off the bat to blurt out everything you ... READ MORE


Get a Free Evaluation For Your Asset Protection Case From a Local Attorney

Level 4 & 5 Asset Protection

Today we wrap up our discussion of asset protection with a brief analysis of the fourth and fifth levels of asset protection.Level 4 Asset Protection involves the use of entities such as LLCs, LPs, FL ... Read more

Level 2 & 3 Asset Protection

We continue our discussion of Asset Protection with a brief analysis of the second and third Levels of Asset Protection. Level 2 Asset Protection is basic estate planning that everyone should have. Th ... Read more

Level 1 Asset Protection

We gave a brief introdution to the concept of Asset Protection. Today we will dig a little deeper by explaining the first level of Asset Protection. Level 1 Asset Protection is the use of business ent ... Read more

An Introduction to Asset Protection

Asset Protection is a topic few people understand.  Today we begin a multi-part series on Asset Protect to help you understand this topic.  There are two rules to Asset Protection and five l ... Read more

LLC Asset Protection Strategies

Inside-Out Liability:As far as inside-out liability, members of an LLC have the same level of personal liability protection as the shareholders of a corporation. That is, creditors of the entity, whet ... Read more

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