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What are the necessary steps to receive a new deed to my house

1 Answers. Asked on Sep 01st, 2017 on Trusts and Estates - New Jersey
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My father was given money by the court and ordered to purchase a home with the money and to sign it over to me when I turned 18. I am 24 and married now and my father refuses to sign the house over to me. We are not on good terms because I have decided to take over the house. I have taken over the house and currently live on the property. He just refuses sign the house over to me and not even answering my calls. What do I do?
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Answered on Sep 02nd, 2017 at 8:09 AM

Figure out how the house is titled - look it up in the county records.  You will be able to see the original deed that was recorded when the house was purchased.  Have an attorney prepare a new deed, and send it with a demand letter telling your father its his obligation to sign it over to be in compliance with the trust, if he refuses, you can make an application to court and ask for him to have to pay the attorney's fees. 

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