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Look at the petition filed in the Surrogate's Court.

You cannot just file an executor's deed.  An executor is an appointed position by the court.  If you are the sole next of kin, you can do a deed to yourselves, but that is not the best appro ...Read more

Please accept my condolences on your loss. It does sound like you are likely the only heir. One question is whether or not your brother had a Will. If he had a Will, then it will likely need to be off ...Read more

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How do I get my half of our inheritance back from my abusive, manipulative

Q: My sister said she’d help me while going through a trial for assault by my husband. She’d never been kind before and I couldn’t understand why she was doing it now. Before I moved ... Read more

How do I remove a deceased person’s name from a deed?

Dear Ms. Allison: I have someone on my dad’s home deed. Dad has deceased. There are three persons on the house note: myself, Dad, and another person (also deceased). How do I remove the deceased ... Read more

Can a Trustee gift himself from the Trust assets?

Dear Ms. Allison: Can a Trustee gift property to himself as both Grantor and Grantee if this property wasn’t a gift in the Will but was just an inheritance? It is just two weeks after the death ... Read more

Can a one-asset estate be handled with an affidavit?

Dear Ms. Allison: My mother’s estate consists only of her home titled in joint tenancy with right of survivorship (along with myself) and her personal property within the home. Can the estate be ... Read more

Does the State start the Probate?

Dear Ms. Allison: Does the state automatically step in and distribute the estate of a person who died, even if no one has filed a claim for it? Nobody seems to be doing anything about my grandmother&# ... Read more

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