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Step-Children and Your Will
If your spouse had children when you married, you might wonder about your legal obligations to your step-children. Will they get part of your estate? How do you make sure they do, or don't? ... READ MORE

Wills and Probate FAQ
Here are simple answers to commonly asked questions about wills and probate. ... READ MORE

Looting a Loved One's Estate
Update 12/23/2009: Anthony Marshall  has been found guilty of 14 of the 15 counts against him. Marshall was convicted in October of the most serious charges - first-degree grand larceny and scheming to defraud. He faces a minimum of one to three years, or as much as eight to 25 years in state prison. ... READ MORE

Legal Consequences of Dying without a Will
On July 4, 2009, NFL quarterback Steve McNair was found murdered in a hotel room in Nashville, Tennessee. McNair didn't have a will at the time of his death. In legal jargon, this is known as dying intestate. When someone dies without a will, state law governs how his estate is administered. In McNair's ... READ MORE

New Jersey Considerations for Estate Planning
It can be difficult to discuss estate planning, but it is vitally important that most people over the age of 18 consider the matter. Proper planning ensures your wishes are followed and helps your loved ones avoid protracted, expensive legal battles. Laws are similar in most states, but New Jersey differs ... READ MORE

Understanding Massachusetts Estate Planning
The best way to guarantee your property and health care wishes are honored is by creating an estate plan. An estate plan helps to resolve whatever legal issues may arise upon death. Making a will Creating a will is not necessarily complicated, and it prevents the complication of dying intestate. If intestate, ... READ MORE

What is Maryland Estate Planning?
A comprehensive estate plan is a must if you own property, run a business, have children or other dependents, or simply want the peace of mind of making your final wishes known. Whether you are just beginning to get your affairs in order or are in the process of reviewing or updating existing documents, ... READ MORE

Addressing New Mexico Estate Planning
Estate planning in New Mexico involves the management and distribution of your real and personal property upon your death or if you should become mentally incapacitated. Creating a Will A will states your intent on how you wish your property to be distributed on your passing and can also minimize tax ... READ MORE

Estate Planning Issues in Wisconsin
Whatever the size of your estate, an estate plan can help you rest easier, knowing your wishes will be honored when you die or if you become seriously ill. A solid plan can also make a sad time easier for your family. Your Last Will and Testament This document outlines who gets your worldly possessions, ... READ MORE

Need West Virginia Estate Planning Help?
Estate planning can be an emotional issue, but it is important for adults to keep their affairs in order so that loved ones are shielded from drawn-out legal battles and financial problems in the event sudden tragedy strikes. Most states have similar estate laws, though West Virginia differs in some ... READ MORE


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Partition actions have two parts.  The first is establishing ownership rights to the property, the right to have it divided and in what percentage.  The second is allocating costs/expenses a ...Read more

You need to determine if a SPecial Needs Trust would be appropriate for your child.  This is a specail type of trust that allows a beneficiary to receive a distribution and still remain on benefi ...Read more

It is a difficult question to answer.  On the one hand, staying in the house keeps it fresh, allows for the maintenance of the house, protects the contents of the house and provides you with the ...Read more

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Beneficiaries named properly on all your retirement and insurance products

Blog Entry for week of May 22, 2017 Do you have your beneficiaries named properly on all of your retirement and insurance products? One of the largest areas of conflict results from a person not prope ... Read more

When is it necessary to file an estate when father passes away? Three child

Q: Father passed away 2/22/17 (predeceased by our mother who died in 2002). The only assets would be a 2012 Jeep Patriot with $5,000 still owed, and a home with an $18,000 mortgage balance in a depres ... Read more

Successful Outcome in the Supreme Court

We are pleased to announce success in the Georgia Supreme Court for our client. Click this link to view the opinion http://www.gasupreme.us/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/s17a0450.pdf . In this case, ... Read more

Why am I receiving funds from my mother’s life insurance when my sister sho

Q: My sister is the executor and per the will she is to receive everything yet my name is listed as a 50-50 beneficiary on her retirement and life insurance. Debt on estate is about 100k. There is 160 ... Read more

What can bank do to vehicle or estate if auto loan in mom’s name?

  Q: My mother passed and my auto loan is in her name. I cannot finance the vehicle myself as there are too many miles and it is way upside down. I have kept current with the payments so far. The ... Read more

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