Trust Planning

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What Is the Purpose of a Trust?

There are many types of trusts, but irrevocable and revocable trusts are the most common. An irrevocable trust involves giving up control of your assets durin...Read more

The Role of the Trustee or Trustees

If you create any type of trust, but won't or can't serve as the trustee, you'll need to decide whom to appoint. Trustees have a lot of authority over the mon...Read more

Managing Trust Taxes

Depending on how trust documents are drafted, trust income can be taxable to beneficiaries, to you, to the trust, or to a combination of all three. Maybe you ...Read more

Trust Planning

Trust Planning

Penalty-free Early IRA Withdrawals

Traditional individual retirement accounts are a good way to save for retirement. When times get tough, however, and you need some extra cash, it can be tempting to withdraw some of this money before ... Read more

Are “Green Burials” a Legal Option?

“Green” or “natural’ burials are increasing in popularity for two reasons: cost and environmental awareness. The average cost of a traditional funeral ranges from $6,000 to $10,000 - a ... Read more

Who Needs a Revocable Living Trust?

The average consumer often confuses the terms “living will” and “living trust.” These two estate planning tools could not be more different. A living will states your healthcare wishes and tak ... Read more

Do I Even Need a Will or a Trust?

As the years fly by faster and faster, most of us start thinking about what will become of our financial and physical assets when we die. Surprisingly few of us actually do anything about it, however. ... Read more

Trusts to Achieve Special Purposes

The general purpose of any trust is to manage and preserve property (typically money) for the benefit of one or more persons. However, a trust is usually set up for a special purpose that meets your s ... Read more

Additional Trust Planning Topics

Additional Trust Planning Topics