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Modifying or Terminating a Trust
You can modify or end some types of trusts anytime, but other types may never be changed. ... Read more

A Special Needs Trust Can Help You Qualify for Other Benefits
Government programs such as Medicaid and Social Security help low-income disabled persons access essential medical and caregiver services. Ownership of even modest amounts of property or income can disqualify you from such programs. To address this problem, you can set up a special trust to preserve ... Read more

Charitable Trusts Are Generally Irrevocable
If you want your estate plan to include some of your favorite charities, there are generally two types of charitable trusts to consider. Each type of charitable trust has unique characteristics and, depending on which one you choose, you may even see some immediate tax savings. Most Charitable Trusts ... Read more

Managing Trust Taxes
Depending on how trust documents are drafted, trust income can be taxable to beneficiaries, to you, to the trust, or to a combination of all three. Maybe you want to pay the tax so your beneficiaries don't have to. Maybe you prefer that the trust pay them separately. When creating your trust, you have ... Read more

When Is a Revocable Trust a Good Idea?
One type of trust that is commonly used by estate planning lawyers is the revocable living trust, which allows you to retain control over your personal assets. However, revocable living trusts aren't for everyone. In some cases, the disadvantages can outweigh the benefits. A Revocable Living Trust Gives ... Read more

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You will have to have it re-executed in a formal ceremony.  However, if I am simply re-doing the other will, and my secretary just needs to retype most of it, I do not charge the full price, but ...Read more

It depends how much is in the account.  Either way, skip the will and just do an administration.  If you are the only heir, no one can contest this.

It might be better to add your wife as a trustee rather than convey the property out of the trust. 

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The Essentials of Trust Funding

This week I’m sharing a blog post on trust planning from Dave Zumpano, who focuses in Medicaid planning. See below! Blog Author: David J. Zumpano, Esq, CPA, Co-founder Lawyers With Purpose, Foun ... Read more

Trusts – Which One is the Right One for You???

Trusts can be an important tool in estate planning. However, it is important to pick the right type of trust, depending on your goals and circumstances. A Revocable Trust may be your friend. Revocable ... Read more

The Elder$mart$ Campaign in Navarre

Tommy G. Smith spoke at the E.H. Pullum Senior Center on Tuesday April 5, 2016 in Navarre on behalf of the The Florida Bar and The Academy of Florida Elder Law Attorneys (AFELA ) for the Elder$mart$ C ... Read more

Estate Planning and Considerations for a Special Needs Loved One

If you are in the middle of or about to begin the process of estate planning, and worried about how your mentally or physically disabled loved one will fare without you? You can relax. Know the necess ... Read more

Critical Retirement Decisions as Boomers Hit Age 70

2016 is the year the first baby boomers will reach age 70. It is also the year for some critical decisions that will affect your retirement years. Here are some deadlines you won’t want to miss. ... Read more

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