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Considerations When Naming a Health Care Surrogate
What would happen if you got into an accident and couldn't decide what health procedures would make you well? Would you want a personal representative to make those decisions for you? You appoint a surrogate to make the health care decisions on your behalf in the event that you are unable to make the ... Read more

Who Needs a Revocable Living Trust?
The average consumer often confuses the terms “living will” and “living trust.” These two estate planning tools could not be more different. A living will states your healthcare wishes and takes effect if you are incapacitated. A living trust is a way to transfer your assets after your death. ... Read more

Interpreting the Language of a Power of Attorney
When you create a power of attorney (POA), you, the principal, give another person, known as an agent or "attorney in fact," the authority to act as your representative in legal and business matters. Once the POA is effective, your agent must obey your written wishes and has no leeway decide what you ... Read more

Powers of Attorney: Dealing with Asset Accounts
A power of attorney is a document stating that a person has designated another person as his or her agent. Often the goal is for the agent to be able to access asset accounts such as bank accounts, 401 or IRA accounts or other assets. The most popular form of a power of attorney is the durable power ... Read more

The Rights and Responsibilities of an Agent
A power of attorney (POA) authorizes an individual to take certain actions on behalf of someone else. POAs sometimes relate to healthcare choices, but they often address personal business dealings. The person granting the authorization is typically referred to as the principal. The individual acting ... Read more

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Estate Planning for Life – Not an Oxymoron

     When most people think of estate planning they typically think wills, trusts and death. However, the actuality is that one of the major focuses of good estate planning is for incap ... Read more

General Durable Power of Attorney: What Does it Do?

A general durable power of attorney grants a named individual (called the “attorney-in-fact” or “agent”) the authority to act on your behalf with respect to whatever matters ar ... Read more

POA for aging mother?

Q.           A year ago my mom fell and broke her femur, I also think there is more health issues. She cannot live alone anymore. I’ve been with ... Read more

How do I revoke a Power of Attorney?

Q: How can I revoke my power of attorney? What if my agent engages in unauthorized acts after the power of attorney has been revoked or terminated? I’ve worked outside of the United States for t ... Read more


If your Florida Durable Power of Attorney is dated prior to October 1, 2011, you should strongly consider getting a new one! A Durable Power of Attorney is one of the most critical estate planning doc ... Read more

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