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A will is perhaps the best and easiest way to make sure your property and assets go to the people you want to have them after you die. Here's a list of some important things to remember when it comes to making a will. Wills Top 10 Having a valid will is important for anyone with a family or anyone who ... Read more

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I think that based solely on what you have said that you are not at risk of losing the children solely because you have a prior conviction - but there is more information that would help an attorney a ...Read more

You could get emancipated but will have to prove you can support yourself and are currently able to live on your own.  There are other requirements, but that one is the hardest to meet.   ...Read more

You can care for the child in most respects with the consent of the legal guardian with a caregiver affidavit. However, if the guardian wishes to have the child returned, you will have no legal recour ...Read more

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Is the Term "Interested Person" Meant to Be Broadly Defined under Massachusetts Guardianship and Conservatorship Law?

In the case of Guardianship of B.V.G., decided on April 6, 2015, the Massachusetts Appeals Court took a look at the Massachusetts Uniform Probate Code (“MUPC”) to determine whether a gr ... Read more

Is a Guardian Accountable for Their Actions?

The Florida Bar states: "Yes. A guardian must be represented by an attorney who will serve as "attorney of record." Guardians are usually required to furnish a bond (financial instituti ... Read more

General Requirements for the Non-Professional Guardian

Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE ... Read more

Resurrecting Civil Litigation (An Easter Wish)

Last month, I had the honor of being asked to participate in a presentation to the National Bar Association. The general topic - Ethics and Professionalism. The thrust of the presentation was provided ... Read more

A Common Question Client's Ask me is "How is a Person Determine to be Incapacitated?"

The Florida Bar states: "Any adult may file a petition to determine another person's incapacity with the court setting forth the factual information upon which they base their belief that the per ... Read more

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