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Guardianship FAQ
Learn the basics about court appointed guardians. ... Read more

A Conservator Oversees Financial Matters
In estate law, a "conservator" oversees someone's personal or financial affairs when the court judges that the person is unable to do so without help. The individual is called a "ward" and may be an orphaned child, an elderly person, or an adult who doesn't have the capacity to care for himself. Conservators ... Read more

Alternatives to Guardianship
Not all adults have the capacity to make decisions regarding their personal lives and care or property and finances. State laws give courts the power to appoint guardians or conservators to make decisions for an incapacitated person, a "ward." However, the guardianship process is an extreme measure, ... Read more

Guardianships and Conservatorships
Adults are assumed to have the capability to make decisions for themselves in all areas of their lives. However, there are times when a person lacks this ability, and some people never have this capability. State law provides an alternate decision maker to act when someone can't make decisions for themselves. ... Read more

Taking Care: Disabilities & Special Needs Trust Options
Making a long-term plan to meet the needs of a child or relative with disabilities takes hard work and advance planning. Quality of life, care and opportunities often mean making best use of public and private resources. No single resource is likely to meet all needs. A special needs trust is one way ... Read more

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You can locate an attorney who specializes in guardianships and conservatorships by searching online or throught eh Atlatna Bar Association.  A guardianship proceeding will usually cost no less t ...Read more

If she obtained guardianship over you there has to be a finding that you were legally incapacitated, meaning that you wer eunable to govern yourself and your own affairs.  The guardianship applic ...Read more

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Is it illegal to make changes to a bank account of a person with Dementia/Alzheimer's?

Q: How does victim proceed? For years, a lady had her only living relative listed as ITF (beneficiary) on her bank account. Now the lady has dementia. A distant friend filed for Conservatorship say ... Read more

Financial Power of Attorney issue. Did the law change?

Q: Long story short, my father has been in and out of a hospital for the last 2 years with complications arising from a benign tumor. Because of his medical setbacks, and in trying to conserve his ... Read more

Is the Term "Interested Person" Meant to Be Broadly Defined under Massachusetts Guardianship and Conservatorship Law?

In the case of Guardianship of B.V.G., decided on April 6, 2015, the Massachusetts Appeals Court took a look at the Massachusetts Uniform Probate Code (“MUPC”) to determine whether a gr ... Read more

Is a Guardian Accountable for Their Actions?

The Florida Bar states: "Yes. A guardian must be represented by an attorney who will serve as "attorney of record." Guardians are usually required to furnish a bond (financial instituti ... Read more

General Requirements for the Non-Professional Guardian

Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE ... Read more

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