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Estate Tax Back in Effect in 2011 If Not Sooner
Two women, both heiresses years apart in age, share two things: The source or their fortunes, pharmaceuticals and estate issues after their respective deaths. Because of the changes in estate taxes, when they died is a big factor to their heirs. What Are Estate Taxes? Estate taxes, also called inheritance ... READ MORE

Looting a Loved One's Estate
Update 12/23/2009: Anthony Marshall  has been found guilty of 14 of the 15 counts against him. Marshall was convicted in October of the most serious charges - first-degree grand larceny and scheming to defraud. He faces a minimum of one to three years, or as much as eight to 25 years in state prison. ... READ MORE

You Can't Take Your Digital Assets with You
Millions of us have something in common: We use computers, smartphones and other electronic gadgets to access the internet. We do it a lot, and for all sorts of reasons. And while we may not realize it, practically all of us are making cyber-copies of ourselves and creating digital assets that will still ... READ MORE

Nebraska Estate Planning Help
Squirreling away money for retirement, planning for vacations or major purchases, setting up a college fund for the kids—chances are, you already have taken steps to plan ahead. But your future planning is not complete if it does not include arrangements for what will become of your estate after ... READ MORE

Learn About Estate Planning in Montana
With so many things to take into account, estate planning can seem like an intimidating endeavor. But having your affairs in order and documenting your preferences for how your property and responsibilities will be handled after your passing can give you peace of mind—and spare your loved ones ... READ MORE

Digital Missouri Estate Planning Review
When we think of future planning, we often think of retirement. But if you have not taken the time to plan for what will become of your property and responsibilities after your death, your planning is far from complete. And since the laws vary a bit across state lines, Missouri residents who are beginning ... READ MORE

Basic Steps in Mississippi Estate Planning
It is vitally important that adults give estate planning careful consideration. Proper planning allows your loved ones to sidestep expensive, protracted legal controversies and helps ensure that your final wishes are followed. Most states have similar laws governing estates, though Mississippi law does ... READ MORE

Michigan Estate Planning Help
Estate planning is an important, though awkward, topic. Most people over the age of 18 need to plan properly to make sure their wishes are followed and their loved ones are shielded from protracted legal battles. Laws are similar throughout the United States, but Michigan differs in some details. Writing ... READ MORE

Preparing a Will
Each state has formal requirements for preparing and executing a will. The person making the will is called the testator. Generally, the testator must declare that the document that is being signed is the testator's will. The signature must be witnessed by a minimum of two or three witnesses, who must ... READ MORE

Reciprocal Wills for Couples
When a couple decides on an estate plan, it often includes reciprocal wills, meaning each person's will is a mirror image of the other's. Each person leaves the bulk of their estate to the other person. If federal estate tax isn't an issue and your personal situations aren't complex, this simple will ... READ MORE


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You can get a Power of Attorney from just about any kin dof lawyer, but the issues is going to be whether or not that document is accepted in India.  You may need to have the Power of Attorney se ...Read more

You may not necessarily remove a deceased sibling's name from the deed. It depends on the words used to give the deceased sibling his share.  Two examples: His share may need to be bought ...Read more

Dear sir,   You seem to be confusing your trust with a power of attorney. The law in Florida regarding powers of attorney has changed since 2011 and "springing " power of attorney are no longer ...Read more

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Estate Planning Strategies Using LLC’s, Part Two

Why and how do we use LP’s (limited partnerships) and LLC-P’s (limited liability companies taxed as a partnership) for estate planning? LLC-P and LP Asset Valuation Discounting Strategies ... Read more

Estate Planning Strategies Using LLC’s, Part One

Why and how do we use LP’s (limited partnerships) and LLC-P’s (limited liability companies taxed as a partnership) for estate planning? (a) Why is entity ownership of assets better than in ... Read more

Is a handwritten Will a good idea?

Dear Ms. Allison: I need to write a new Will. I did notice that a handwritten Will is acceptable in the state of Oklahoma but I am not sure if this is the correct path. Please contact me when you have ... Read more

Can I Make Mom Pay for College from Dad’s Life Insurance?

Dear Ms. Allison: How can I make my mom pay for my college with my dad’s life insurance money? They’ve been divorced for 17 years and he died 2 years ago. Now that I’m 21, she won&#8 ... Read more

Wills for Heroes

Butterfield Schechter LLP is proud to support our local first responders. I, along with members of our support team, will be volunteering at the local Wills for Heroes event on May 20th. For more info ... Read more

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