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When a parent transfers ownership of her home to her children but reserves the right to live there for the rest of her life, she creates a life estate ... read more
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Estate Tax Back in Effect in 2011 If Not Sooner
Two women, both heiresses years apart in age, share two things: The source or their fortunes, pharmaceuticals and estate issues after their respective deaths. Because of the changes in estate taxes, when they died is a big factor to their heirs. What Are Estate Taxes? Estate taxes, also called inheritance ... Read more

Looting a Loved One's Estate
Update 12/23/2009: Anthony Marshall  has been found guilty of 14 of the 15 counts against him. Marshall was convicted in October of the most serious charges - first-degree grand larceny and scheming to defraud. He faces a minimum of one to three years, or as much as eight to 25 years in state prison. ... Read more

You Can't Take Your Digital Assets with You
Millions of us have something in common: We use computers, smartphones and other electronic gadgets to access the internet. We do it a lot, and for all sorts of reasons. And while we may not realize it, practically all of us are making cyber-copies of ourselves and creating digital assets that will still ... Read more

Nebraska Estate Planning Help
Squirreling away money for retirement, planning for vacations or major purchases, setting up a college fund for the kids—chances are, you already have taken steps to plan ahead. But your future planning is not complete if it does not include arrangements for what will become of your estate after ... Read more

Learn About Estate Planning in Montana
With so many things to take into account, estate planning can seem like an intimidating endeavor. But having your affairs in order and documenting your preferences for how your property and responsibilities will be handled after your passing can give you peace of mind—and spare your loved ones ... Read more

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I assume that there was no prior probate of her estate. If there was, then,you should have the estate re-opened. Otherwise, if you paid for any of your mom's last medical bills or funeral expense, you ...Read more

The trust probably allows the trustee to terminate only in certain circumstances, such as the trust purpose can no longer be satisfied or there is not enough assets in the trust to justify its existen ...Read more

I hope you see this answer, because it isn't possible to e-mail you as you requested. Attorneys who see questions posted in this forum aren't given e-mail addresses for the posters. I am sorry to hea ...Read more

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A Common Question I Receive is "What are the rights of the decedent's surviving family?"

The Florida Bar states: "The decedent’s surviving spouse and children may be entitled to receive probate assets from the decedent’s probate estate, even if the decedent’s will g ... Read more

Media Workers' Compensation Law Firm Volunteer for Heroes Program for First Responders

The Pennsylvania Bar Association Young Lawyers Division and the Wills for Heroes Foundation are teaming up to provide free services for active and retired Pennsylvania First Responders. Volunteer atto ... Read more

Should my parents sell their house to me and my siblings?

Q: To prevent disputes after my parents pass away, my parents want to sell the house to my sister. How is the easiest way to do this? I have a sister that is crazy and we do not want her to cause c ... Read more

The Carrot Mightier than the Stick - Using Incentives in Your Trust

Frequently people approach estate planning with their most challenging child in mind. This is a natural and integral approach to constructing estate planning documents. It allows parents to consider ... Read more

In Medicaid Planning, Some Trusts Can Put Elderly Persons in a Worse Position Than If They Had Taken No Action At All

In trust law, there is no such thing as “one-size-fits-all.” Trusts must be designed to meet the particular concerns of the person whose assets will be placed there. Two of the major non ... Read more

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