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My brother recently died December 26th 2016 now he has no will and I am next of kin is only brother I have lived on the property for the last 10 years

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This woman has not lived here in the last 12 years or paid any taxes as me know mortgage payments and my brother co-sign for a $400,000 loan so he could get another house which she did it just sold recently where do I stand am I required by law to move from my resident of 10 years so she can move in already has been staying here she started to move in probably five weeks ago and him and says I have to leave this young to property or she's been gone for ten years abandoned property thank you
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Answered on Apr 11th, 2017 at 2:29 PM

The facts of your case are unclear, but I understand that your brother died without a will and that he owned a house.  If you are his only heir, then you can initiate a probate action to transfer the house to yourself or sell it.  Contact an attorney to initiate a probate proceeding.

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