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I am dieing they gave me 1 yr to live. is my wife responsible for my crsdit cards debt.

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Ms. Maryellen Sullivan, Esq. at Law Office of Mark Standen, LLC
Licenced in ME
Answered on Mar 17th, 2017 at 7:54 AM

I am so sorry.  The answer depends.  You are responsible for debts just in your name, you and your wife are responsible for debts on joint credit cards.  For your own debts, only assets that you own alone are on the line.  If it is a joint credit card, any assets owned by you alone, your wife alone, and that you own together are on the line.  Once you pass away, debts that are yours alone become debts of your estate and, again, subject only to property that you alone own.  Most states allow a spouse to keep some amount of estate assets, usually around $7,000 or so, more if there are dependent children. 

Please note that transferring property to someone else to avoid paying a debt is prohibited in most states and can be reversed. 

I would advise talking with an attorney as there are actions you can take depending on the details of your assets and debt.  Good luck. 


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