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At his passing, you can take the property subject to the existing mortgage or you can assume the mortgage (provided that it is assumable).  The law is changing in this area and new legislation al ...Read more

There are a couple of things that you can do.  You can file a probate petition to be appointed as special administrator for your father's estate so that you can deal directly with the mortgage le ...Read more

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$708,000+ Settlement

We recently won a settlement in excess of $708,000 for our client, a beneficiary of several decedents’ trusts, in resolution of a contest of a disputed amendment to one trust and of claims regar ... Read more


What is the role of a Professional Fiduciary in the context of California probate law? And just what is a Professional Fiduciary? Let’s first define Professional Fiduciary, as it’s not a p ... Read more

Estate Planning: Planning to Protect Inherited Retirement Accounts

For many years, people that inherited their parent’s retirement accounts believed those funds would be protected from creditor claims just like their own retirement accounts are protected from c ... Read more

Dying Intestate Can Rip Families Apart

Dying without a will can have a devastating impact on a family. Without a will, property is divided according to state law, without regard to your wishes or expectations. Beloved family members and fr ... Read more

Why You May Need a Trust

Many people limit their estate planning considerations to making a will. While a will may allow your estate to avoid probate, a trust may be a better estate planning tool depending on your circumstanc ... Read more

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