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I'm very sorry, but it's impractical to answer your questions in this email format.  If you came into my office with these questions, we would spend about 30 minutes discussing it and I would hav ...Read more

The best person to speak with about this is your attorney.  Be patient but persistent in getting the answers that you are seeking.  It's your attorney's responsibility to communicate and exp ...Read more

There are virtually no lenders who will lend on property which is in an irrevocable trust.  You should probably consult with a local attorney. Depending on what powers you were given in the trus ...Read more

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What is a Revocable Trust?

The Florida Bar states: "A revocable trust is a document (the “trust agreement”) created by you to manage your assets during your lifetime and distribute the remaining assets after yo ... Read more

Tools for Estate Planning with Minor Children

1. Nomination of Guardianship. Proper estate planning should include a clear directive nominating a successor guardian to essentially step into the parenting shoes left empty by the ... Read more

Who Will INherit Prince's Estate?

The importance on having estate planning is once again highlighted in the news after the passing of Prince last week. The following article discu ... Read more

Estate Planning: One Size Doesn't Fit All - Part I

With the increase of software packages and online companies that provide forms to complete your estate planning many people think their wills or trusts should be “one size fits all.” Unfor ... Read more

Unique Tax Considerations in Estate Planning with Children

Unique Tax Considerations In Estate Planning With Minor Children Many parents, grandparents or other family members wish to provide gifts to minor children, while retaining some con ... Read more

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