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Sir/Madam You need to see if the final will you are referring to was the final will deposited with the court. Probate procedures require that all beneficiaries receive Notice of Admini ...Read more

There is definitely an issue here, but you are right, you do not know how to explain it.  Contact a lawyer on the phone to help.  Documents need to be reviewed.

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My grandmother bought me a home, but did not leave it to me in her will

Q: As I stated above, my grandmother bought me a home to live in, which I have been in for almost 4 years. It is not stated in her will that she leaves the home to me and now her children want to kick ... Read more

Rights of a Beneficiary

With smaller estates, it is usually sufficient to rely on a Will to ensure a loved one’s property is distributed according to his or her wishes.  When dealing with assets around $150,000 or ... Read more

What information must a beneficiary provide to the administrator?

Q: I am the named beneficiary and I inherited my friend’s life insurance and 401k. The estate administrator is requesting I provide him with information regarding those accounts/policies so that ... Read more

Can I Make Mom Pay for College from Dad’s Life Insurance?

Dear Ms. Allison: How can I make my mom pay for my college with my dad’s life insurance money? They’ve been divorced for 17 years and he died 2 years ago. Now that I’m 21, she won&#8 ... Read more

Whate do I do with the 1099-S from the sale of deceased mom’s home.

Q: The county valued the house at $131,100 and it sold for $129,900. Doesn’t this count as a loss and therefore not income? A: Form 1099-S is used to report gross proceeds from the sale and exch ... Read more

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