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There might be some outstanding lien against the property that needs to be resolved.  If not, you should demand to have the monies the lawyer is holding released.  Call and find out the reas ...Read more

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Can I inherit my mother’s mobile home?

Q: My mother passed away suddenly and the mobile home I currently live in it and it is in her name. She left no will but may have wrote something.  I am also concerned with medical providers putt ... Read more

Am I responsible for my spouse’s credit card bills when he dies?

Q: If either spouse passes away is the surviving spouse responsible for credit card debt the deceased spouse rang up? A:  Usually not, but more information is needed. Is the surviving spouse&#821 ... Read more

Guidance for California Estate and Trust Litigants, Part II: Beware the Sta

April 6, 2013The California Probate Code, federal law, and other statutes abound with statutory deadlines. Here are just a few of the actions that must be performed within statutory deadlines: Lodging ... Read more

Guidance for California Estate and Trust Litigants, Part I: Introduction

We receive many calls from prospective clients who are considering filing an estate, trust, or elder abuse case or are concerned that they may soon become a defendant in such a case. Naturally, we can ... Read more

Rhode Island Legal Malpractice Decision Offers Guidance to Trust and Estate

The Rhode Island Supreme Court recently issued a significant decision providing clearer guidance on the duties owed by trust and estate attorneys to the beneficiaries of a trust. In Audette v. Poulin, ... Read more

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