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Call the attorney that filed the estate. Or look at the clerk's probate website online. Or go to the courthouse and check out the probate file. There are certain filings you can make to make sure you ...Read more

Your best bet is to contact several attorneys for a fee quote. The attorneys should be in a convenient location. Many attorneys(myself included) publish a fee schedule on their websites. My website ...Read more

Trust administration is required to wind-up the affairs of a decedent.  Call an attorney for a full consultation.

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The Basics of Trust Administration

Trust Administration refers to the management and distribution of trust property by a legally designated person, usually referred to as a trustee. This is to be done in the best interests of the benef ... Read more

Trust Litigation and When It Is Necessary

After the passing of a loved one, the issue inevitably arises of how to dispose of the decedent’s property. The foresight to provide a written revocable trust is of great help, but even this doe ... Read more

How can I locate a trust?

ESTATE LAW, TRUST, TRUST INSTRUMENT. LOCATION, FILING, JURISDICTION Q: My niece’s mother died in 2008 and supposedly there is a trust for her once she reaches age 27. Her dad just died this past ... Read more

Do we as joint tenants with right of survivorship now owe an inheritance ta

: My mom is still alive at 83, but 12 years-ago gifted her home to me and my four sisters all individually named on a deed as joint tenants in common with right of survivorship. 10 months-ago one of m ... Read more

What Happens to an Estate If a Spouse Dies Before a Divorce is Finalized?

If a married couple separates and one spouse files for divorce, what happens if either spouse passes away before the divorce is finalized? Does the surviving spouse have a claim to the deceased spouse ... Read more

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