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I don't practice in NY so take this for what it's worth.  In order to determine your rights, you must review the Trust document itself.  Does it give you the right to separate your share fro ...Read more

I think the first place to look for a process would be the bylaws of your organization.  You can probably ask for a meeting of your leadership to address the problem or even a meeting of the memb ...Read more

You can contact an attorney for a free consultation and/or a quote on the costs for a trust review.  You'll have to initiate the contact by email or telephone.  Contact an attorney for a ful ...Read more

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What happens when one heir is bequeathed the title of a house and another h

Q: My grandmother recently passed away. My grandfather passed away a few years ago and my mother, also the executor of her will, is her only child and has always lived with my grandmother in her house ... Read more

Can a child opt out of their parents will?

Q: Once said parents are deceased, can a child decide not to be included in the will? (Baden, PA) A: Parents are free to include whoever they wish in their will. Once a will is probated, an heir named ... Read more

What is part of the estate to pay bills after parent is deceased and what c

Q: My mother passed and my sister is the executor. There was an IRA that was split between us. I gave my half to my sister to pay debts and taxes. The total in debts that I know of are close to what w ... Read more

Successful Retirement Strategies for Small Business Owners

Contributing Author: Kristine M. Custodio, Advanced Certified Paralegal Since it is National Small Business Week, I will be focusing my blog posts this week on empowering the small business owner for ... Read more

The Importance of Funding a Trust

While creating a trust is a great strategy for managing your estate in the event of your passing, unless your trust is “funded,” it will be of little value.  Only trusts that are fund ... Read more

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