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I don't see where the death certificate is going to clear title.  What you need is a small estate or Petition to Determine Heirship.  YOu need a good probate lawyer to look at your facts and ...Read more

Maybe.  Ordinarily, beneficiaries must pay for their own attorney's fees.  However, if the attorneys fees benefit the trust, then you could charge the trust for your attorney's fees.  I ...Read more

As the administrator, you should be signing the inventory.  If it isn't correct, then let the attorney know so that he can correct it.  You should be asking advice from your attorney.

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Estate Planning: One Size Doesn’t Fit All – Part 3 (Special Circumstances)

In Parts 1 & 2 of this series we discussed the potential for older documents to involve too much or too little estate planning (i.e. “over planning” and “under planning”, r ... Read more

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Colorado probate law – executor conflict of interest

Colorado probate law refers to an executor as the "personal representative" of the estate.  The personal representative is generally entitled to get involved in probate dispute litigati ... Read more

What is a Revocable Trust?

The Florida Bar states: "A revocable trust is a document (the “trust agreement”) created by you to manage your assets during your lifetime and distribute the remaining assets after yo ... Read more

Why Should I Avoid Probate?

Why Should I Try to Avoid Probate? Probate is both costly and time-consuming and often presents a difficult procedural headache for surviving family members. In some limited instances probate may be p ... Read more

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