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Unless this is your real relative, this is a scam.  Stay away and do not send money or give personal information.

Get a copy of the trust from who ever informed you that you are in charge.  If you know where the assets are maybe you can get a copy form the bank or financial institution.The trust also might b ...Read more

My wife is a dual British and American citizen with property in the UK, so I understand your issues.  Yes, you can transfer the US and UK properties under one California trust that would con ...Read more

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Do we as joint tenants with right of survivorship now owe an inheritance ta

: My mom is still alive at 83, but 12 years-ago gifted her home to me and my four sisters all individually named on a deed as joint tenants in common with right of survivorship. 10 months-ago one of m ... Read more

What Happens to an Estate If a Spouse Dies Before a Divorce is Finalized?

If a married couple separates and one spouse files for divorce, what happens if either spouse passes away before the divorce is finalized? Does the surviving spouse have a claim to the deceased spouse ... Read more

General Musings on Privacy

Privacy in the digital age has become a buzzword that few fully understand. Most clients understand privacy is important at a basic level, but don’t full inform themselves as to what this means ... Read more

Special Needs Trust Fairness Act

Unfortunately, many people underestimate the abilities of those individuals with mental or physical disabilities. In reality, many people with disabilities are able to handle many of their own affairs ... Read more

$708,000+ Settlement

We recently won a settlement in excess of $708,000 for our client, a beneficiary of several decedents’ trusts, in resolution of a contest of a disputed amendment to one trust and of claims regar ... Read more

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