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Corporate trustees do not take small trusts.  Although there is a statutory commission rate which is based on gains in trust value, size of the trust, and distributions made, you are free to nego ...Read more

If your father's living trust provided for you or if he had an estate plan prior to this one that provided for you or, if he did not have a prior will or trust, you would be interested as n heir. &nbs ...Read more

No, unfortunately you will have to commence an action in partition in order to resolve this. A private investigator would be cheaper

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Naming a Trust as Beneficiary of an IRA

For many individuals, an IRA is a significant asset and an important part of their estate plan. Upon death, IRAs are distributed according to the beneficiary designation form. A mistake on the benefic ... Read more

Trustee Fees in California

Here you can find Part 1 and Part 2 of this article.  In most cases, a trustee does not need to obtain a court order before paying himself — he simply pays himself for the work performed. A ... Read more

Compensation of Executors in California (Part 2)

This second of three posts (Here you can find Part 1 and Part 3)  on fiduciary compensation in California focuses on the compensation of executors, or “personal representatives,” of a ... Read more

Fiduciary Compensation in California (Part 1)

This series of three posts examines fiduciary compensation in California. (Here is Part 2 and Part 3)  Fiduciaries in California are generally entitled to compensation for their efforts. (By &#82 ... Read more

California Powers of Attorney for Financial Affairs

A power of attorney for financial affairs (sometimes called a power of attorney for business) is an important component of an estate plan. A power of attorney is a written instrument by which one pers ... Read more

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